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Back in 2009 I had only one night to finish my reel for fmx ... but I still like the result: [129.5 mb]

I just wrote small tutorials "How to set the sIBL environment variable" for WindowsXP
and MacOS X. You can find them at

Yep, Im finally back in Berlin.
If you want to spice up your renderings with the growing collection
of sIBL-sets you can get the updated loader script I wrote for maya.
I still consider this as work in progress, so any feedback would be cool!
If you are further interested in smart image based lighting
and high dynamic range images check out Blochis HDRI Handbook!
Last not least I released adjustView, a tool that allows you
to "pan" and "zoom" in the viewport and comes very handy for camera mapping.

Ive been freelancing all over germany during the last year.
If you are interested take a look at my new demo reel for FMX 2007. [big -> 174 mb] [small -> 95 mb]
Shot breakdown and cv can be found here.

I finished my studies, well, at least the official part of it.
"Aal im Schdel" is also finally finished, now Im stuck with
my project and "Sperrholzpiraten". The old plan was to
release all those production scripts created while working on
"Nuclear Sunset" with the video, but as this wont be finished
too soon I decided to put something decent in the scripts
section and dropped the first bunch of new scripts! Expect
more to follow during the next weeks!

Creep was updated to version 2.92! As this was a mayor update
I will release this version as version 3.0 if it has been used
on "Nuclear Sunset" successfully. I still dont have enough
photos, seems like its back to nyc for me ... hope snow
wont be early this december.

I spent 5 days in New York taking photos for the upcoming
music clip featuring a track by The Tape vs. RQM.

The research-section is finally open! I also added and updated some scripts:
selectPartial is now version 1.2 and blendShapeAnimator is new.
T.Raumschmiere has got a new site as well, you can watch
the official edits of monstertruckdriver and a million brothers there!

selectPartial script was updated to version 1.1

A new mini-script escpecially for martin rahmlow!

I added a new clip demonstrating the technique I want to use for my new music clip!

I provided some visual effects for a jay-haze-clip, you can find
it in the projects section at

I decided to put up a first verson of this page. I dont
have the time right now to create a nice graphical page
but want to publish some stuff, so version one is quite
technical for the moment. I hope you enjoy anyway!